Class Act – A Senator – Not Our Politicians

Fist off, I can’t believe I’m writing about the Penguins. Secondly, yes, this is a few days late but between an emergency vet visit on Christmas Day, (Moe ate curling ribbon – still waiting for it to come out the other end – oh joy!) the food coma I’ve been in and the pants I’m stuck in from the afore-mentioned food coma, not a pretty sight. So I’ve finally rolled off the couch and made it to the lap top. Actually, I managed to pull it over to me without disconnecting the internet. HA! Note to self, sweat pants next year- more forgiving.

Anyway, because I had nothing better to do, I was watching the Penguins get SPANKED by Ottawa this weekend as Pants failed to mention in her post about Sid’s horrendous stache situation. There was a glorious fight between Godard and Carkner where Godard got popped and popped HARD by Carkner several times. You couldn’t really tell until they were pulled apart like the girls from the Duran Duran video “Girls on Film” but Godard was bleeding and went to the locker room. End of story – right? NO.

Godard comes back and like a kid dropped on his head too many times, tried to go AGAIN with Carkner. WHY? They show Godard on the bench draining his eye. It’s swollen SHUT. He looks like a Cabbage Patch kid. It wasn’t like Carnker started the first fight. It wasn’t like Carnker was taunting him. But when Godard got back on the ice, he grabbed Carkner and wanted to dance with him again. To Carkner’s credit, he kept his gloves and stick. You could tell he kept saying he wasn’t going to go. But Godard evidently needed a hug or something. Godard got a ten minute game misconduct and sent packing.

The point of the post? I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT 24/7 HAS TO SAY ABOUT THIS! INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW! We many never know what Carkner was thinking but WTF – Godard ….? Tune in tomorrow because I hope Godard remembers.

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  1. cassy Reply

    Dawn – whaddya mean you weren’t aware of the caterpillar-with-mange lip situation going on with Sid?

    Me and the girls are plotting. I’d even sweet-talk Ovi to get one of the Gillete’s he’s got going on.

    And you know how I feel about HIM.

  2. Thank goodness Carkner wouldn’t fight him. Sometimes there’s just too much testosterone.

    • dawncherrie Reply

      I meant that Pants failed to mention that the Pens were being SPANKED not the stache. She only talked about the stache. Sorry I wasn’t clear enough. 🙂 No one could miss that stache. But good idea about Ovi giving him a Gillete. I see a bromance in their future!