24/7 Episode 2: "Adorkable"

My girl Kimmy has coined the perfect phrase to describe Mike Green, Sid and half the rest of the Pens and Caps on HBO’s 24/7 Episode 2:

ADORKABLE. It’s absolute perfection.

If I had the setup, I would have stayed up ALL night screencapping   Until then, here are the highlights that I can remember screaming about alone in my apartment:

Sid talks about fighting Niskanen.  “Do you want to take your helmet off?”  Oh, and he’s laying on a bed.  For heaven’s sake!

– Mike. Vespa. Helmet. Moccasins.  LOVE.  I don’t know why. (Dear Santa: Please bless whoever at Yahoo!’s Puck Daddy screencapped this.)

Back of his shirt should say: If you can read this, Pants fell off.

– Sidney Crosby’s 5 PM PB&J.

– When Ovi gets a wife, obviously he’ll live with her.  Till then, it’s mom, dad & dog waiting up for him. [link]

Does this dog like cats named Moe and Poe?

Craig Adams’ son naming the Pens players… makes me wanna babysit. (Excellent catch by commenter Mrs Crosby, I was so busy giggling over Mike’s Vespa I credited this to Matt Cooke.)

– Caps fist pump dance – Brooks Laich is so hot he can almost pull it off.  I bet Greener refuses to do it.  Too busy being cool in his moccasins. [link]

I'd go to Jersey with that.


– Ovi cannot be bothered to get dressed.  No just shirts, but pants.  He was 99% naked multiple times – I’m surprised someone other than Dawn would put their hand so high on his hamstring.

This program is rated TV-MA for Ovi's table noises.

– In a related story, Ovi totally flashes Mike.  Intentional.  Mike doesn’t laugh, so Dawn may be on to something after all.

Tonight it’s Penguins vs. Capitals in DC at 7 PM Eastern.  You’ll hear me and Dawn screaming at each other from SF to Seattle.  I cannot wait to see what HBO gets from this one.

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  1. A-a-a-and guess who’s having to wait until HBO decide they’re going to upload the video onto their website? And what do you do Pants? YOU ONLY GO AND PUT A SCREENCAP OF BROOKS UP THERE. Payback? You are taunting me. Taunting.

    I’m going to have to do parts deux on BOTH of those things now. You just wait. 😀

    PS Bruins Calendar arrived today. 😀 *happy dance* But no TIMMMMMMAY 🙁

  2. dawncherrie Reply

    I finally watched the Ovi DVD and fun fact … he is not only shirtless for most of the video which we all probably guessed – BUT – he also doesn’t like to wear UNDERWEAR …. take that to the bank! imagine playing basketball au natural. 🙂

  3. MrsCrosby Reply

    i like the name you gave them,Adorkable so cute!lol
    but it was not matt cookes kid naming all the pens players it was craig adams kid 🙂 and i think ovi needs to put some clothes on! and sid i LOVED!! <3

  4. Cassy Reply

    Finally saw it. Think I’m even more in love with Laich than I was before. Is that possible?

    That kid was just too cute. But it was “uncle” Max that really did it for me – I volunteer to be his babymomma!

  5. Meg Reply

    You guys have opened my love for hockey. Now, not only do I follow the Penguins (My primary hockey loves), now I’ve begun watching OVI videos. I hate loving him, I love hating him. I enjoy seeing him naked…I am so confused.

    • Don’t tell dawncherrie that you are watching Ovi videos. It’ll only encourage her. 🙂