HBO 24/7… We Wish

The only way to properly sum up the awesomeness of Penguins/Capitals: Road to the Winter Classic is to treat you to the real-time Twitter conversation between me and Dawn last night.  Please note, I had to rewatch the entire show because I was giggling so much the first time.

The Penguins watched the show as a team and you can see reaction videos from Crosby, Talbot and Bylsma.  Max got a lot of airtime (Mr. Personality) and Dawn’s right, his face is pretty banged up from the puck to the forehead he took in Atlanta on 11/13.

He wears it well.

The Pens lost to the Rangers last night, but Sid got a point to extend his scoring streak to 20 games.  He informed us that this mustache business will be going on until Christmas.  Oy.

At least he's going for it, eh?

So, what did you think?  I loved every second (even the Capitals seconds) and cannot wait for 12/22!

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  1. You see. this soo makes me wish I lived on the same continent so I could have joined in with this! Still working on finding HBO 24/7.

    Dawn: I am soo adding you on twitter!

    Can people stop talking about Laich? Please? Even the group is yakking about him. I am TRYING to stop thinking about Caps players.

    (Why do I think watching this is going to cause me to pass out?)

  2. dawncherrie Reply

    This makes me laugh even more re-reading this. Mr. Cherrie just shook his head all night but he was secretly jealous because I was just giggling not telling him what we were talking about. :0 I think Nicky just get’s passed around the lockeroom. He’s like Martin St. Louis. Cute and little.

    • SQUISHY! Martin St. Louis is a special favorite of ours. We call him Squishy, as in from Finding Nemo when Dori says, “He shall be my Squishy.” Because he is that cute.

      • Chuck Reply

        Mon petit Squishy. Je t’aime.

  3. Cassy Reply

    No joy on HBO – I am thwarted at every turn. Good thing is, looks like emigrating might be my only option as there are no jobs here. Silver link g anyone?

    DID YOU GUYS TAPE IT FOR ME? Should I just call Brooks, Fidget or Max and just cry about it and hope they take pity on me and sort out their TIVO or whatever? Hmmm. I do know some coaches in Boston… Hmmm

    • I have it on my DVR. I’m never taping over it until it’s out on DVD. Also Cass, sending you the Vanity Fair!

  4. Cassy Reply

    If Mr Pants calls it off, I’ll marry you and have all your little Sidneys… Love you.

    You just made a really bad day marginally less so. Thx.

    Ps so looking fwd to the Little Fockers release!!! 12/22 here!!!

  5. NYR Fan Reply

    That’s the best thing I’ve read all day…and I DEFINITLEY needed it…Thanks! 🙂

  6. Cassy Reply

    Just a quick note: the randomly generated link to posts suggests “scheduled maintenance” under a pic of Sid and that poor excuse for facial hair – it’s making me snigger now. Lots. 😀 connected? Or does even the Internet say NAY Sid NAY to the ‘tache???

  7. Cassy Reply

    I SAW IT I SAW IT I SAW IT!!!!!Either there is a God or I apparently am Fauxnadian and enough of a hockey nut to merit special permissions from my IP address to watch it from the website!!

    Am sick, so the sight of Brooks’ blue eyes, chiselled jaw, well kempt beard, cropped hair, those looks and that accent have almost finished me off in my weakened state.

    Loved every second. Esp the rookies’ comment about doing nothing about it 😉

    *Cassy tries to do happy dance and falls over due to being so ill*

    Fidget needs a cuddle. Can I volunteer? And I would so have flown over to personally nurse Brooks had I known he was sick.

    And finally the ‘tache mystery answered. Anyone else want to join me in a rendition of “Superstition”? Anyone? And yeah, giggly girls #87 and #29. Gotcha. Concur.


    • Chuck79 Reply

      Cassy, the scene with the rookies was one of my favorites too! They were so adamant about finding out you did that to them! Yet, we too scared to do anything about it.

      “Please don’t be 622. Please don’t be 622.”

  8. Cassy Reply

    I did what to them? Adamant about what Chuck? wah wah lol.

    Now can’t wait for epi 2!!!