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I just sit here and laugh all day.  Everyone thinks I’m crazy but they can’t see this.  It’s from the Penguins Online Store, where you can buy my Christmas present.  The title of this series is Awkward Turtle.  Sid looks stiff as a board and really, Geno?  They had to photograph him in various stages of growing out his bangs?  Either smile or don’t – pick one.  I love ya boys, but this makes me squirm.

And to make it worse, the Capitals did better.  (Shut up, Dawn.)  Fidget’s rocking the sassy hands-on-hips pose which he surely saw on America’s Next Top ModelI bet he can strut too, but only wearing sunglasses. He really is good looking, eh?  Ovi looks… well, terrifying frankly.  25 years ago he would have been pulling teeth for the KGB.  Dawn owns everything in this store.

PS: I totally bought Dawn a Caps barstool for Christmas. Mr. Cherrie can bolt it to the floor of their house so she doesn’t tip over during games.

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  1. dawncherrie Reply

    Does it spin? 🙂