Hat Trick Hotties

Okay, it’s Foxy Friday every day this week.  And it’s raining hat tricks!  Eric Staal and Jonathan Toews both lit the lamp 3 times each last night… whew!  I am spent.

EStaaaaaaaaal, bless your almost-ginger heart.  3 goals (2 on the PP, 1 game winner), 2 assists, +4, 6 shots and a block. You know what this is?  That’s 20.25 points for my fantasy team!  You are my hero.

Not last night, still best face ever.

The Canes beat the Senators 7-1, cementing my decision to trade Alfredsson from my team.  Can’t wait to see EStaal on his home ice for the All-Star Game.  Bonus points for notching his 200th career goal and just generally being born into that ridiculous family.

Rock you like a...

Jonathan Toews also got 3 last night vs. Edmonton, and was interviewed twice during the broadcast.  JACKPOT.  His helmet is definitely too small because his forehead is always a mess in interviews.  Maybe he can keep a hat that was tossed onto the ice.  Video here – so smiley!

High five!

The best thing about game full of Toews – all the Toewsfaces you get to see.  Hilarity captured forever.  Also it’s nice to see the Hawks scoring some goals, as they’ve had a bit of a rough first quarter after their Stanley Cup win.

Three is a lot. I'd like more. To help the team. Zzzzzzzzzz.

Another highlight of watching a Hawks game on FSN Chicago is that Toews & Kane star in every single commercial.  There are two for Lemonheads (one is hilarious) and one of them driving in a Chevy that features some seriously homemade filmmaking.  Further proof that the Blackhawks have more fun than any other team.  I’ve searched high and low – I will find you that Lemonheads ad and screencap the heck out of it.

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