Bromance: Photo of the Week

Inspired by this hilarious selection for the “Double Date” feature on The Hockey Junkies, Dawn and I have been discussing bromances.  In a sport full of hugging, how can you not have them?  All those long road trips, you just want to cuddle on the flight home.  And we just want to wade through days worth of random photos from across the web.  So today we bring you the first installment, based solely on this single picture that I can’t stop looking at:  Kris Letang loves Jonathan Toews.

Thanks to Melissa Wade, mystery genius.

We know just how Kris feels here.  We like to imagine that Kris and Tazer trade funny stories about Crosby in French and giggle about how often we mention them on WUYS.  Then Tanger demonstrates how to grow a beard on your entire head while Jon can only manage the mutton chops.

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