Foxy Friday: Patrick Sharp

Wait, I picked a Blackhawk last time!  And I’m wearing a Toews shirt today.  But some choices are just… WELL OBVIOUSLY.  There are several definitions of “foxy” around here, and one person fits them all:

This guy!

Patrick Sharp has scored 8 goals in his last 7 games and is tied for the NHL lead in goals with 9.  He’s picking up slack as Toews and Kane get off to slow starts on the scoreboard (and killing it for my fantasy team!).  And now Marion Hossa (hiss… sorry) is out for 2 weeks, it’s all coming back to Sharpie.

Does a 40-pound bag cost extra?

Of course, Sharp won the Cup with the Hawks last season.  Here’s a video of him picking up Lord Stanley at the airport (from baggage claim?!).  Let me tell you: if I were waiting for my luggage, half-asleep in yoga pants from a redeye, and Patrick Sharp randomly lifted the Stanley Cup in Terminal 1… there is no airport security in the world that could stop me.

Hugs are foxy too.

Further proof with Winnipeg is real, Patrick Sharp was born there.  Between him and Toews, the Hawks should be paying Winnipeg in cash on a yearly basis.  Sharpie grew up in that other ridiculous hockey hometown, Thunder Bay, Ontario.  Seriously, why am I not Canadian?! I’m so mad at my parents right now.

Every girl's crazy 'bout a...

Patrick was married over the summer (lucky lady!) and has a ridiculously cute hound dog named Shooter.  He also has (with apparently zero effort) the hair that Mike Green is really after:

Wash and go.

Sharp was nominated by Victoria’s Secret for the title of Chicago’s Sexiest Athlete last year, but lost to some basketball player we don’t care about.  Hopefully Foxy Friday is some small consolation.  Keep this up, Sharpie, and we think you’ll get it FTW this year.

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  1. Chuck Reply

    There was a guy in my summer class who is from Thunder Bay, Ontario AND is friends with Sharpie and the Staals. Needless to say, he was my BEST friend in class. Shame he was married with a kid, because I totally would have hit that.

    • Rock to connection and hold out for a Staal, Chuck. There are so many to choose from.

  2. dawncherrie Reply

    I actually applaud this choice! I did not know he was so hot! I might actually start paying attention to this team know. 😉 That’s why I love Foxy Friday’s.

  3. mr. cherrie Reply

    …and your first game of ‘six degrees of a staal’…

  4. Drum roll please… Patrick Sharp had a goal and 2 assists in tonight’s game. That’s 9 goals in 8 games, leading the league with 10 total. I’m not saying that Foxy Friday is psychic, just that it knows the future.

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