Mike Green Paid for This

Look who did his hair and put on a tie!  Mike Green is trying to impress us.  Unnecessary, I say, but it’s so cute of him to always bring us presents.  I have my own little present for Mike, to put him in the ranks of WUYS favorites like Martin St. Louis.  A nickname: Fidget. He’s forever touching his face, moving around and he probably put the tie on so he’d have something else to do with his hands (hey, that sounds dirty).  The weird thing is that it makes him endearing.  Oh, is Fidget a little nervous?  Tie a little tight?  Or is he just bored with these lame questions?  Who cares!  We saw 0.42% of a smile. [video]

Nice lighting, CSI.

Mike Green Paid for This – Episode Three: The Mohawk

My iPod just started playing LL Cool J’s “Loungin’” where he sings about “official hair style…”

Mike has rocked his signature Mohawk a handful of times, so we’re going to assume that he paid for the haircut at least once.  Probably not in ’09 when he did it on the Elliot in the Morning radio show.  If you’ve ever wondered what Mike Green looks like half-asleep at 8:30 AM (Hey, watch it!), maybe be glad you didn’t wonder it in 2009.  Twenty-three was an awkward age for me too.

There are a few incarnations of the ‘hawk: fauxhawk, mohawk, nohawk.

Fresh from the barber shop...

Our verdict is: faux hawk. It reminds us that Mike is the kind of guy that we love: he’d totally take a dare, wear a hilarious Halloween costume, jump out of a cake at my your bachelorette party.  But you don’t have to look at the full effect every day:

(We do not support Fidget’s facial hair.  Especially with a fresh ‘hawk.  Playoff beards are manly but some of our baby-faced stars need to let them germinate a while before planting them in public.  Jonathan Toews, we’re talking to you. )

This is a first at WUYS – admitting I prefer the half-assed hipster version of something over the 100% real deal.  Way to make me feel like a poser, Fidget.  I like to nohawk regular haircut as well, especially when he’s wearing a tie.  And while I cannot root for the Caps to make the playoffs, I will root for the ‘hawk to make an appearance when April rolls around.  Because anything is better than this:

Ovi did this, I know it.

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  1. Chocolate Ice Reply

    Who cares. did you see that Milfalicious Christine Simpson doing the interview?

  2. Whatever CI, she’s no Carissa Thompson from Versus.