Wake up in the morning feeling like…

We at WUYS love fans.  We love when they dress like excited freshmen – hat, shirt, pants, buttons, jacket, ID case all with the team/school logo.  We love bumper stickers and license plates, flags on lawns, all of it.  But tell  me, is this too much?

Shark Toast!

I would use this.  I wouldn’t buy it, but I’d laugh every day about my Shark toaster.  (Note: I really, really wanted this Battlestar Galactica toaster for a long time, and the inherent joke for fans is a million times better.)  No one can really argue this is aimed at female fans, and I don’t feel gender-oppressed by the Sharks toaster.  Guys make toast.  They’re sure as hell more likely to eat this, which actually looks partially toasted and centrally burned.  I am, however, offended by things like this:

This is what the NHL thinks we want: a $325 Swarovski crystal-encrusted Bruins purse made from license plates.  It has a velvet lining!  I’m definitely buying it for Chuck to carry at her wedding.   I used to have a regulation jersey with Niedermayer on the back (you have to buy a 42, it’s too many letter for a smaller size!) – I know what it’s like to swim in the men’s merch.  Thankfully Alyssa Milano, in her quest for continued relevancy, has come up with a few women’s t-shirt options that actually fit (have this one, LOVE it).  But I also have a pile of Men’s Small or Youth Large shirts which, while boxy and too big, feel like what I should be wearing at a game.  The moral of the story, NHL, is that I will buy your stuff as long as it’s cool.  You don’t have to insult me.  You just have to make me breakfast.


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  1. dawncherrie Reply

    I was going to post something about NHL underoos! Because if I can’t sleep with Ovie, at least I can go to sleep with Ovie! LOL! Like, bras the have Henrik on one breast and Daniel on the other – the Sendin twins; or undies that say, “I want Patrick’s Kane”