Chip Shots

Back on Monday, Steven Stamkos and James Neal played in the RBC Canadian Open.  As always, golf is just an excuse to make questionable fashion decisions and work on your aim.  Like any good night out. Stammer took this opportunity to wear this: Source: Twitter What is this math?!  I see constants – hideous sponsor-required […]

Tearin’ Up My Heart

Five days left left?  NHL ’13, we hardly knew ye!  Let’s be honest, though. The 2013 season has not been kind to all those we love. Some teams, after these grueling months, could use a break, a tan and another go at it next year.  I’m not saying quit, of course.  Feel free to ruin […]

We Want More!

When someone talks to me about Steven Stamkos scoring goals:   And Stammer never lets a girl down.  Last night he scored his 200th career goal in the Lightning win over the Flyers.  Bonus yay. Alone in my car with Game Center Live radio playing on my phone, I yelled, “Hey girl, I’m Steven Stamkos!” Not […]

On the Hottest Ticket Now

Knowing that Stamkos, Neal and Tavares are friends off the ice, the imaginary chirping that goes on in my head over the NHL goal scoring leaderboard is tremendous.  For anyone who’s ever enjoyed NFL QBs Talkin’ on Facebook, I bring you this. Stammer –  I’ve got 17 goals in 23 games.  How you guys doing […]

Southern Hospitality

How can a hockey game be better than a hockey game? When there’s tailgating. Us on a nicer day (next time). The fantastic folks of @Section328 invited me and my friends to their pre-game party on our Raleigh Road Trip.  Rainy, cold weather could not stop them from setting up the tent and busting out the Chicken […]

Birthday Boy: Steven Stamkos

Steven, how are you going to spend your 23rd birthday? Staring down opponents? Scoring 60? Making sure your name is on the Rocket Richard trophy… twice? Admiring goalies even as your ruin their GAAs? Relaxing? Pants-optional shoveling? Jumping ridiculously high? Reading WUYS? Yeah, that’s the one.  Happy birthday, Stammer! The Lightning have more goals than […]

Buzz the Tower

Does the Tampa Bay Lightning team insurance cover mass heart attack when Steven Stamkos Tweets this picture? My kind of climate crisis. Before the close up, you have to sign a waiver saying it’s not my fault if you pass out, hit your head and prance off into an unconscious remake of Top Gun. Shirtless […]

Anything You Can Do…

On Thursday, 12/27 Taylor Hall scored a hat trick.  Exciting, right?   Almost as exciting as Ebs’ NYE hat trick – 3 goals in 3 minutes!    Showoff. [Post-Game Interview] #TeamEbs Not to be outdone, Molly Ringwald leads the entire World Junior tournament with 11 points in 4 games.  Team Canada will face Team USA in […]

Actual Hockey Was Played

Since we couldn’t attend Canada on Saturday evening, welcome Alison (@alisonsykora) with a guest post! I told myself I didn’t care anymore. The lockout was dragging and NHL hockey was no longer a part of my life. I had accepted it and moved on. Then the RBC Charity Challenge happened. “Mwhahahaha,” said Stamkos. The NHLPA […]

Doomsday Prepping

Just in case tomorrow really is the end of the world, it’s been fun.  The lockout can’t ruin hockey for me.  I decide what I love about it, like the Penguins and Capitals at the same time.  Throw in a Flyer while you’re at it.  Expansion teams, underage boyfriends, never remembering if the Blackhawks are […]

Do the Right Thing

This is a few days old, but the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. It doesn’t hurt if you’ve got a smile like Flower’s, either. Also doing good work for the holidays – the Blackhawks, helping the Greater Chicago Food Depository [link]. Jon’s getting way too much hand-in-pocket […]

Think Snow

How to know WUYS is the blog for you: You’d gladly trade a summertime pool boy for the Stamkos Pants-Optional Shovel Service doing squats in your wintry yard. Once again: Gary Roberts, will you adopt us? Pssst, we were only kidding.  Steven’s well qualified for summer work too. Clearly what we need is a blizzard. […]

Operation Hot Trick

If I’d planned better, I would have made it to Atlantic City for the Operation Hat Trick charity hockey game on Saturday night.  As it was, I couldn’t find any pants to fit me after Thanksgiving and it’s really tacky/cold to wear a hockey jersey as a dress.  Luckily, other people with cameras were there. […]


As if the lockout wasn’t bad enough, Steven Stamkos hates me.  He seems to think that in this terrible time, I should suffer even more. I’m not even talking about those pants. A beard?!  Stopityouarekillingme!  How dare you look this charming and reference the playoffs when the only hockey I can get is reruns of […]

Foxy Friday: Workout Videos

Suddenly there is a deluge of proof that hockey players believe this season will happen.  Every time a bell rings, Intern Jeff Skinner does a squat.  Oh wait, everyone does squats.  It’s a Foxy Friday party in the gym. Video: Intern Jeff Skinner has great legs (bonus: James Neal) This is my serious face. There’s […]

Just a Feeling

If there are two people I like more in hockey… well, there aren’t.   Tell me again why Cabbie doesn’t host the NHL Awards?  Or even present? Oh Steven.

Camp Biosteel: Day 2

Maybe I got a little too excited about Stamkos yesterday, because Camp Biosteel’s Day 2 video is the Tyler Seguin Show. For the record, I’m not complaining. But where is Marshall? I was promised a puppy. Oh jeez.  Okay.  Fair trade. Stop. I surrender. Sorry to Segs, but he’s not the true highlight of this […]

Camp Biosteel: Day 1

I’ve been sitting here for 15 minutes trying to think a safe-for-work way to describe this. The best I could do is a photo play-by-play of me, earlier today.  Enjoy. Someone posts that a Camp Biosteel video is up: The video opens with Steven Stamkos doing something so extraordinary that it can only be described […]

I’m a Winner Either Way

When we first heard about Smashfest, the Dominic Moore-organized NHL ping pong tournament benefitting concussion research, there was some high-pitched screaming.  Are you offering me a comically competitive sport, beer AND Steven Stamkos?  All you want is money?! Why Am I Not Canadian? Episode #247 I believe we came up with this idea during a […]

NHL Awards: Hot. Mess.

Did everyone enjoy the Nickelback Convention last night?  The Awkard Turtle Unfunny Comedy Tour? There were a few bright spots, like Will Arnett.  Especially when he shanabanned Ovi for blocking Brooks Laich’s parking spot and sentencing him to ride on the back of Mike Green’s scooter. WHY CAN’T THIS BE REAL LIFE? While peering between […]