Oh boy, OT!

When they say a picture is worth a thousand words, they mean one like this: Jonathan Toews, bless you.  I can barely keep my lunch down for all the stress I feel over the Blackhawks.  The OT loss in Montreal, with JT in the box, felt like a kick in the gut (PK Subban, never […]

Century Mark

Six goals in one period is a lot.  And it’s exciting. Unless you’re the Sharks and it’s your opponents scoring five times. The Blackhawks had won 8 in a row before losing three, including a SO and an OT.  Sharp had 4 assists (yes fantasy team!), Kane had his 100th career goal and Toews scored […]

Mikey Monday: Keepin' Busy

The Caps are disproving Dawn’s theory that they can’t win without Mike Green (8 in a row!), but she doesn’t mind.  Mike, however, is bored.  What to do if you can’t come of long-term injured reserve until March 22?  Get a new job in the Caps PR department. Mike participated in Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” […]

Enough Violence, Back to Fluff.

You know when you find THAT photo of the guy you like but you wish you could scrub your eyeballs with acid and erase ever seeing it because it’s THAT BAD … well here’s one. I heart Drew Doughty but this photo is an absolute abomination. He looks like Happy Jack from Tropic Thunder. SRSLY. […]


Shut the front door. Even Charlie Sheen isn’t winning like the Blackhawks – 6 in a row with 25 goals scored in that stretch.  I can’t not post these! For some reason, it makes me want to sing this: Also the Sharks are on a crazy tear, and that’ll get a post this weekend.  They’ve […]

ASG Weekend #2: Skills Competition

Hockey players have mad skills. And what better way to showcase them, than with the always fun Super Skills Competition. So here are the results… Faster Skater – Michael Grabner (14.238 seconds) Breakaway – Alexander Ovechkin (38.5% of the fan votes). Accuracy – Daniel Sedin (4 for 4 in 7.3 seconds) Skills Challenge Relay – […]

Foxy Friday: Patrick Sharp

Wait, I picked a Blackhawk last time!  And I’m wearing a Toews shirt today.  But some choices are just… WELL OBVIOUSLY.  There are several definitions of “foxy” around here, and one person fits them all: Patrick Sharp has scored 8 goals in his last 7 games and is tied for the NHL lead in goals […]


Not the epic movie musical, just the stories that I felt like sharing today… Jonathan Toews took a puck to the face last night.  I yelled “NOT THE FACE!” so loud the neighbors thought I was watching Top Model. I’d prefer he not get hit anywhere, but let’s leave the facial sacrificing to Duncan Keith.  […]