One Win Away…

So Game 5 didn’t exactly turn out as we hoped, but tonight, the Kings have the chance to close out the series (again) and win their first ever Stanley Cup. While we don’t like the Devils, we have to give them props for not laying down in front of the purple and black freight train […]

Five Alive

Oh, Foxy Friday. You never disappoint. Well, sometimes you disappoint when you shave your goatee into a mustache that means you’re not allowed within 100 feet of a playground. But then, you score the goal that keeps your team’s dream alive: And somehow, magically, in the post-game your ‘stache has is approaching the border between […]

Tonight is the Night?

Once, a cat named Lucifer messed with Cinderella.  She chased him off with a broom.  See what I’m saying? Chuck and I are Red Sox fans, which means leading a playoff series 3-0 is not enough for us.  We know miracles can happen.  (In case you don’t, in ’04 the Yankees were up 3-0 in […]

Foxy Friday: Dustin Penner

Foxiness can come in many ways, shapes, and forms. Sometimes it can come in the way of physical beauty.  Other times from athletic prowess.  Still other times from humanistic endeavors like building houses for the poor. In the case of Dustin Penner, it comes in two ways. The Facial Hair and The Funny. When combined, this […]

Foxy Friday: Jeff Carter

We’re trying to keep Foxy Fridays to players still in the playoffs, since summer is long and cruel.  The pickings are getting a little slim.  But imagine if, say, the Wild had made it this far?  Blank pages, people. Chuck is busy at her real job today (borrrrring!), so I’m honoring her turn by choosing […]

Foxy Friday: Mike Richards

… the WHAT?  First Patrick Kane, now Mike Richards? In case you missed it, the Rapture has been rescheduled for today.  It was more convenient for everyone.  So we figured we might as well start confessing our deepest secrets, like Mike Richards is pretty foxy.  Just not (never never ever) as a Flyer. Richards was […]

Because We Say So.

It’s time to predict the eventual winners for the 2011-2012 season, so we can look smart and important when spring rolls around.  Or not.  Last year we all picked some combo of the Caps, Blackhawks, Canucks and Penguins [link].  That 25% result is less than the chance that Intern Jeff Skinner’s going to take you […]

Nothing to See Here

If Dawn watched this whole video and you asked her afterward about the Green Men, she won’t have even seen them. I don’t really get it with TBG Drew Doughty, but I know some of the ladies love him.  And he’s clearly been watching some Kris Letang footage because this is like a Pantene commercial. […]

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility recently posted its NHL Power Rankings for Week 20.  Some teams shot up the rankings like the Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Kings , and Columbus Blue Jackets.  While some faltered like the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins.  (Pants and Dawn are extremely sad pandas.  Like really really sad.) As a Bruins fan, I’m glad […]