Be Happy, Dammit.

I hate everything lately, but Jonathan Toews is making a real effort to turn the blog around.  First he hugs a puppy, then he and Kaner do one of the best interviews I’ve ever read: Kane and Toews Face Off – ESPN Magazine What is this? Is this dancing? The story about Kane waking Toews […]

Hugs for Hawks

You guys are relentless.  GIVE US PUPPIES!  I think this wins for the most emails, comments, pings, forwards and IMs I’ve ever gotten saying POST THIS NOW.  Okay, okay!  We don’t just sit around the house and blog, you know?  (Yesterday I totally did.) Just when we need someone who can be counted on to […]

The Most Wonderful Time

The holiday season is here!  We have stuffed our faces and basked in food coma.  We’ve broken out the ski socks and mittens.  I watched 5 straight episodes of Covert Affairs before bothering to check if I could fast forward the commercials.  Now that we’re back after American Thanksgiving, everyone is ready to work: Movember is […]

Canadians for America

Er, Chicagoans for Chicago?  You know what I mean.  I was going to call this post “Cup(s)” but I don’t have time for all the Pitch Perfect jokes today. (Hard pass.) The Blackhawks visited DC yesterday to bring the Cup to the White House a second time.  While I should have been peering through fences and avoiding […]

Summer’s Almost Gone

I cannot go away for one second!  It’s like Toy Story in here – I go outside and everything suddenly comes to life.  Where to begin? #TeamEbs took over the NHL Instagram account and used the opportunity to make fun of Molly Ringwald. Our favorite boy band also introduced an act at the Canadian Country […]

Team Canada – Casting Call 2

Summer is over(-ish) and it’s time for Steven Stamkos to put away his white pants.  None of these fashion faux pas on reality TV, boys. As the NHL season nears, players will fight for their teams and for spots on the 2014 Olympic roster.  And, of course, for a rose on our show. First rule […]

Blackhawks Convention ’13

Both Chuck and I are drowning in work today, but over the weekend hockey players were dancing.  Emergency post. Remember last year’s Blackhawks Convention, when we thought nothing could ever top this? Phone booth not included. Patrick Kane heard us.  And declared shenanigans. Bless this girl who gets up to the mic and asks Toews […]

Party Rock

What better way to celebrate Canada Day than with the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks?  Since we cannot keep up with these kids, here are ten great photos from the festivities of the last week. Whatever you expected from a Patrick Kane party, you were underestimating. SWEDES, you have passed us!! (photo by @jstefanc) Police barricades […]

Blackhawks Win the Cup

So ends the 2013 season.  One lockout.  Zero Winter Classics, 24/7 episodes, All-Star Games or NHL Awards ceremonies.  One Stanley Cup. credit: sportsmockery I’m sure Chuck will do a post about the Bruins when she’s ready.  For now we send her and our other Bruins fan friends love.  We’ve all had teams lose before, but […]

Late Night Alumni

Did I say yesterday that Game 4 would go to overtime?  I was really proud of my predicition until I remembered almost every Blackhawks playoff game goes to overtime.  And lately, Brent Seabrook’s been ending them.   Look at Seabs’ hair post-game.  Was there a full moon last night?  He’s about to chew through the […]

Some Things Never Change

It’s going to be a long summer of Tumblr and Instagram and whatever you guys send us, but doesn’t it make you happy to know that even in summer things are the same? Somewhere in California, Sidney Crosby is assaulting pockets in a sports store where he never expected there to be a girl. (Source: […]

Get Your Shine On

Remember the NHL Awards?  Cringe-inducing awkwardness and mispronunciation, doled out by people whose titles must precede their names for recognition?  “… and actor (that guy who played Ed back in the day)….” It turns out I really miss those. The NHL handed out their awards over the weekend while I had no internet and no […]

Honey, I’m Home.

Remember me?  I was visiting my parents last week and there are no interwebs in the woods.  Also there is no NBC Sports Network so it’s a good thing I was at a Lady Antebellum show instead of trying to watch Game 2!  The outcome was also much better. Chuck is on vacation and I […]

Magnificent Sevens

Over the weekend, things got very interesting out west.  First the Sharks and Kings repeated the Capitals/Rangers dance of winning every home game to take their series to seven games.   I hope the trend of that series continues… which would mean the Sharks win Game 7.  The Kings got to be bearded longest last […]

Birthday Boy: Jonathan Toews

I’ve been collecting a folder of pics and gifs, for that day when the world just needs more Jonathan Toews.  Today is that day. Happy 25th birthday, Tazer! We all know that Jonathan hates fun. He prefers to win, and win often.  Luckily the Blackhawks are pretty good at hockey and Toews himself is alright […]

WUYS Convention 2014

The NHL wants to make up for the lockout, draw casual fans back into hockey and perhaps attract some new ones in a less turbulent year, because we’re still really mad at them.  Right? Not now, girls.  Er, we may be feeling warmer and fuzzier and playoff-ier… Seriously!  Hold it together. Then someone says: from […]

Loosen Up My Buttons

We should get paid to test the critical mass of Twitter’s servers because when things like this happen, we do it for free. Jonathan Toews in today’s SPLASH Magazine from the Chicago Sun-Times. Is he in the shower?  What kind of newspaper insert is this?  It’s like the Abercrombie & Fitch catalog you have to be 18 […]

Oh No You Didn’t

This news is a little old, but I was waiting for Toews’ black eye to look like guyliner before I posted a photo of him. It’s so late-90’s Rob Thomas, if y’all were even alive back then. Tazer got the shiner, of course, fighting Chuck’s LT boyfriend Joe Thornton on Friday.  I looked up from […]


When WUYS is suddenly mentioned in 47 new Tweets in an hour, there’s only one possible reason: Workout video. When 46 of those messages are in ALL CAPS, I know without reading: It’s the Blackhawks. Here’s the video.  It takes an extra moment to load, presumably because the internet paused to fan itself back into consciousness. […]


When it comes to the Blackhawks, it’s not easy to be the prettiest anything. You’re well-dressed… till Patrick Sharp walks by.  Feeling reliably heroic… then you see Jonathan Toews.  Rugged?  Try Viktor Stalberg.  Good hair day? Ruined by Brent Seabrook.  You can’t even walk a dog without being upstaged by Duncan Keith and forget being […]