It just takes one.

You don’t even KNOW how happy this makes me.  Nealmobile got a commercial for his double OT game-winner!  And the announcers had it spot on as it happened… I’ve got the chills!  Time to run around the block.  Is it Saturday yet?!

Door-to-door salesmen

Did I forget I was in charge at Bauer?  Because I definitely did the endorsement casting for these commercials:   NICKY SPEAKING SWEDISH!   Wish you were in the playoffs, EStaaaaaaaaaaal.

Wishing and Hoping…

I’m about as superstitious as Crosby when it comes to sports, so I’m only going to say two things: 1. Blackhawks 2. bbtazerawwwwww Between the stress of moving and this damned playoff race, now I’m crying.  Thanks NHL.

O. M. Geno.

There are five lanes of traffic and a trolley track between my office and this newspaper rack.  I said “No way!” out loud to the whole sidewalk, then almost got hit by a bus taking this photo.  Most of these ads are a stretch (Jenna Elfman?), as is this one unless you’re a Pens fan.  […]

SportsCenter… darksided.

Okay, okay!  It’s funny! (Bonus hearts for Steve Levy.)  Dawn hates Varly… does this change your mind?  [New video link]

Merry Christmas to Me!

Santa has come early!  Do you think this store sells trampolines? Because I would like to… [censored]. French fries, French toast… *faints* OMG SID IS WEARING A VEST. Unexplainable squees. Posted because Sid *just* extended his streak to 22 games.

I'll Never Stop.

My brain is like the All-Crosby Channel. Check out this video of Sid practicing his hand-eye coordination and stick handling.  Reebok, you bring us all the best b-roll. You might think “wow” or “impressive” or even “oo-er.”  I’m thinking, “Why can’t he do this while wearing a tank top?  Come on!” You may have seen […]

Winter Classic TV Spot

The NHL debuted the first Winter Classic ’11 commercial during Sunday Night Football [Video].  To quote the greatest movie of all time: “I know you can be overwhelmed, and I know you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?”  “I think you can in Europe.” – 10 Things I Hate About You […]

Yes, I'll Shop There

During November, I saw the Penguins play in Anaheim, Atlanta, Buffalo and New York.  Clearly this is the reason Crosby has 26 points in a 13-game streak and was named NHL November Star of the Month.  Such is my power. To thank me (mostly for the 15 hour roundtrip drive to Buffalo), Crosby happily made […]

They're here, they're here!

This is the best day of my your life! Two commercials featuring the comedy duo Toews & Kane have been located by our crack detective team.  Between these and all the Ron/Hermione love in the midnight show of Harry Potter, I am spaz-happy. First, a HUGE thanks to reader Jackie (now officially WUYS BFF) for […]

Marketing Hockey: Episode 1

Oh snap.  We are so ahead of the game!  Monday has come and gone, and today guess who’s featured on the homepage with a video highlight and a story?  WUYS poster boy Mike Green.  I’ll keep this short, since Dawn has to listen to me all day long. Mike launched a Facebook fan site.  […]

Best Commercial Ever?

Remember when I got all worked up about Jonathan Toews doing squats for the new NHL ad campaign?  Well it gets better.  JT sleeping on the bus.  This is so cute it makes my ovaries hurt. Thank you to snowsoldier99 who actually videotaped her TV while it was playing this.  That’s the kind of dedication […]

We Will Become Unconscious

Well, most of us anyway.  The NHL debuted their new ad campaign over the weekend: Questions Will Become Answers. I thought this slogan was kinda lame until I saw the videos.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME? (Sorry CI, but a girl needs a moment here.)  Did I make an entire ad campaign and completely forget?! Because […]

Dammit Geno (Episode 1)

It’s NHL Media Tour day in NYC and there will certainly be tons of fun photos floating around by this afternoon (all over Twitter already!).  They might as well give up now because I don’t see how they can top this: DAMMIT GENO! What are you doing?  Evgeni Malki (ak.a. Alternate Captain Awkward Turtle) has […]

Best. Commercial. Ever

Sid's Dryer

Testing out a video post, as well as a post with more than a few lines of text.  I’m watching A Knight’s Tale, but it’s past the choreographed dancing scene so I supposed I could go to sleep.  After I try to de-bug this thing a little more…