Intern Desk: While I'm Away…

Intern Jeff Skinner here, writing after my day filling in as Canes head coach.  A belated Thanksgiving to all you Americans. I got left in charge of the office this week, while Pants and Chuck said they were home visiting their families.  Even Cassy ditched me for some some American friends just because they had […]

Boss for a Day

Intern Jeff Skinner is off today to stand in as acting Head Coach of the Hurricanes after they fired Paul Maurice this morning. With a record of 8-13-4 and EStaal struggling mightily, this is less shocking and more standard than Boudreau going from the Caps.  Staal has only 5 goals on on 89 shots – […]

Independent Study

I went to look for this video and I typed “Intern Jeff Skinner” into Google. Hahahahaha. Well Intern Jeff Skinner set his dimples to stun on Saturday night and had 3 points against the Penguins.  If I didn’t love him, I’d hate him.  He scored a scrappy little backhand lifter, then served up a pass […]

Foxy Friday: 11.11.11

That is, Happy Jordan Staal Day everyone! You may insert your own favorite #11, from this list of all active players wearing today’s lucky number: There’s a legitimate campaign around WUYS to make it Zach Boychuck day, but we told Intern Jeff Skinner he can’t vote for his own roommate .  Especially when said roommate gives […]

Intern Desk: Win a Date

Intern Jeff Skinner here, announcing an Independent Study that I’m taking as part of my job with WUYS.  Why not do more work, eh?  It’s not like they pay me.  My objective (as clearly stated in my WUYS Thesis Outline) is to get Pants and Gator to come to Raleigh to see me.  I went […]

Intern Desk: Dear Diary

A bunch of you sent us this link and I’m so sorry that I’m slow in posting.  I was laugh-crying so hard I couldn’t type. Some gems from this fantastic game show: Most Uncomfortable: Intern Jeff Skinner’s “short shifts” apparently translate off the ice.  Is he old enough to be making these jokes? Best Admission […]

Intern Desk: Field Report

Intern Jeff Skinner here, reporting from the field.  Is there some kind of dictionary for girls?  I cannot understand a word said in the WUYS office since that Kris Letang video.  It’s like an Justin Bieber concert!  Sure, he makes carrying Pants’ purse look waaaaaaay too easy but I am an athlete too.  And I’ve been […]

Intern Jeff Skinner: SHINY!

I went to work early this morning and put the Calder Trophy on Pants’ desk.  It’s really shiny.  Then I drew a (second) mustache on her Logan Couture poster and now I’m buying myself a huge breakfast on the corporate card. I’m not bragging, but I did win.  And Vegas was really fun, even if […]

Intern Jeff Skinner: Turn Left

Apparently there’s an episode of The Office where Kelly yells, “Fashion show at work! Fashion show at work!”  The WUYS girls are all over that. I’m excited for the NHL Awards, but frankly I can’t be bothered with what to wear.  I’m just not that into fashion.  And no, Pants, I am not calling Mike […]

Intern Birthday Party!

Happy Birthday, Intern Jeff Skinner!  Instead of having you write your own birthday post, we wanted to make sure you feel completely appreciated by the girls of WUYS.  You are the best (um, only) intern we’ve ever had and while we don’t have to pay you, we can take a moment to remember the highlights […]

Memo from the Intern Desk

Hello.  Intern Jeff Skinner is still here.  I bring bagels.  I held Pants’ hair while she got sick after that 24-hour implosion by all that she holds dear.  What does an intern have to do to get a post around here? How about score 2 goals against France in the World Championships?  Because I did. […]

This Week's Play-Offs Are Brought To You By The Letter "D".

I know what you’re thinking, I’m going to pull the obvious word out my butt, but not yet. I’ll get to Letang and dreamy Mike Green and someone else in a second. But first up, Jeremy Roenick has been harping on the first word, DISCIPLINE. Coming from JR, it conjures a couple of thoughts because […]

RE: Intern Jeff Skinner

Let’s be honest.  I got the internship here at WUYS because I was the only person qualified.  I mean, what kind of Craigslist ad asks if you’ve ever competed in figure skating and hockey?  How many people can say that? The TV stations like to show my figure skating highlights a lot.  It’s kind of […]

Mikey Monday: With A Little Help From A Friend

Fresh off a high from seeing my smokin’ hot Russian Bear in San Jose AND their win yesterday over Buffalo and the very talented and tough to beat Ryan Miller (whom I love BTW), I found this little nugget o’ gold. Mikey plays Bob Barker to help out a blog (Pants- THERE IS TOTES HOPE […]

Intern Post: Jeff Skinner

Hello!  Intern Jeff Skinner here, very excited to be writing my first post for WUYS.  In case you missed it I scored two goals last night.  We still lost 3-2 in overtime to the Devils, but that’s okay.  I don’t want the girls thinking that I can do everything around here all by myself. Pants […]