Happy Birthday, Chuck!

To celebrate the occasion of Chuck’s birthday, let’s go back to that time Tyler Seguin didn’t wear a shirt under his jersey, on the day he knew he’d be taking said jersey of in front of the whole arena and handing it to someone.

ts1 ts2

Some gifts (and gifs) just keep on giving.  Happy Birthday, Chuck!

(Thanks to everyone who sent us these gifs. This edit is by glovehand.tumblr.com.)


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  1. Maddie Reply

    Happy Birthday, Chuck!

  2. This almost makes me want to move to Dallas.

  3. Kate Reply

    Happy Birthday, Chuck!

    (That gif is what I expected when the Pens did their “shirt off our backs” night. Way to give the people what they want, Segs.)

  4. Tyler was in a charity game in Toronto on the weekend, which I sadly missed. Come to Canada for his next one!