Foxy Friday: Chris Evans

I really tried to pick a hockey player, but one Google search made everyone else look so boring and outfitted in proper-sized clothing. Consider this your preventative, pre-playoff diversion…

Foxy Friday: Chris Evans


Now, I can’t tell you if Chris Evans cares about hockey.  I can tell you he owns this hat:


And this hat:


Combine these facts with last year’s first-round, Game 7 Maple Leafs implosion-slash-Bruins comeback, and I’d like to think Chris Evans feels NHL playoff stress the way we do.  The dead-on-the-floor, furniture-kicking, eat-your-feelings wave of emotion that waits for us just twelve days from now.


Well, maybe he doesn’t eat his feelings.


Chris is from Boston, so I would guess any real hockey loyalties lie with the Bruins.  (Oh look, there he goes dropping down my list.)   When time machines are finally invented, here’s the exact moment where you can find Chuck:


But just 3 weeks ago Chris was rocking the Leafs logo again.


That’s not exactly American, Cap – and believe me, when you pick Canada over the US people really let you hear about it.


Based on nothing but three photos and the fact I make the rules around here, I’m going to say Chris loves hockey.  Right now, he’s as anxious as anyone (whose movie is about to have an $80+million opening weekend).   One of his teams is a playoff lock, the other clinging to hope.  He watched last night’s Boston/Toronto OT game from the edge of his seat, hoping his beloved Bruins would lose because the Leafs need points.


Seat? Is that a seat? Is there a couch in this photo?


How about this – anyone see a seat?


Oh hey, found one.

He’s also afraid – if the Leafs make it, they’ll likely face the Bruins in Round 1.  It’s a fresh hell, a quick drop into last year’s nightmare.  But he’s willing to go there for his team(s) and knows which one he hopes will ultimately come out on top.


Chris is ready for the post-season: he’s steeled himself emotionally against this cruel world while perfecting a spectacular playoff beard:


And if you want to spend 2 1/2 hours with Chris this weekend, you can – before or after the game at your local movie theater.


(Don’t bother looking in DC, I already double-checked this spot.)


Disclaimer: I loved – LOVED – Captain America: The Winter Solider.  Right behind The Avengers as my favorite Marvel movie.  Did you know Captain America has a female counterpart in later Marvel lore called American Dream whose real name is Shannon?  Obviously.  I bet she and Cap watch a lot of hockey.


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  1. Casey Reply

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (that’s my love for this post).

  2. Pants, I think you have outdone yourself. Chris Evans + hockey= me dead on the floor. Now if you excuse me, I’m going to bask in the glory of that oh-so-manly beard of his.

  3. I love everything about this post! Mostly because I didn’t think that Tyler Seguin would ever be the second-most attractive man in a photo! Bravo on selecting Chris Evans, even if his only relationship with hockey is wearing a logo hat, he’s gorgeous!

  4. watching the Bruins vs Montreal Game 7 and I just want to thank ya kindly for this post which is very much relieving some tension and stress for me.
    I’m just gonna scroll on back to that top pic now 🙂

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