A Bruins Christmas Spectacular!

From ugly sweater photos and awkward, Russian-accented renditions of “Jingle Bells”, lots of NHL teams are getting into the holiday spirit. Now comes the Bruins’ turn – and it’s a Christmas gem.

The Bear in the Gang – A Christmas Spectacular

In this Bear and the Gang Christmas Spectacular, the team is all gathered in a cozy winter cabin where holiday hijinks ensue.

There are so many things that make me happy about this video, besides the high-cheese log factor and tin-canned laugh track.

This picture…I can’t.

Bear and the Gang Xmas - Chara tree

“You mad, tree?”

Bergeron flashing those pearly whites before going of into the meadows to put that weedwacker to work.

Bear and the Gang Xmas - Bergie weedwacker


Pocket-sized Lumberjack Torey Krug.  I hope you’re watching this, Dan Bylsma. Just give this kid a spot on Team USA already!

Bear and the Gang Xmas - Krug lumberjack

“It’s going down. I’m yelling TIMBER. You betta move. You betta dance!”

Dougie Hamilton as Reindeer #9.  You know Bartkowski made him wear this.  Speaking of..where is Barty in this video?  Seems like this would something right up his alley.

Bear and the Gang Xmas - Dougie Reindeer

“Out of all the reindeer, you know you’re the mastermind.”

The Bear getting friendly with Iggy.  To be fair, if Iggy was sitting on my lap, I wouldn’t let go either.

Bear and the Gang Xmas - Iggy santa bear

“I’m going to love him and hug him and squeeze him!”

Carl Soderberg looking uber Swedish and confused.  Just through it in a gift bag with some tissue paper and call it a day.

Bear and the Gang Xmas - Soderberg duck

Gift-wrapping? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Also confused – Loui Eriksson, lost in the snow.  Granted this video was shot before he was concussed by Brooks Orpik, but still…it’s kinda funny?  No?  Too soon?

Bear and the Gang Xmas - Loui lost in snow

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  1. SuperAllyK Reply

    OMG – This video has everything: hockey hair, bad porn ‘staches, lip synchining and danicng on ice!!
    From small-town Manitoba, I give you the Virden Oil Capitals with their rendition of “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”…


    Your welcome!

  2. Casey Reply

    To be honest, I’m not even sure what I just watched, but I love it. Bear and the Gang, you have stepped it up.

  3. Cassy Reply

    Yay! And Bergeron too. My crappy phone won’t let me play it on the go.
    Note: it was a NUCKS friend of mine who originally alerted me to this!!