That’s a Lot of Cows

This is from the dark and horrible days of the lockout, but I bring it to you now for one reason:

When John Tavares does something right, scores a goal and/or tucks in his shirt (so, every day), I’m going to say, “That’s a lot of cows.”



He doesn’t say “yeah,” he says “yes.”  And he loves bread.  ME TOO!! OMIGOD!!  But we need to have a talk about Ovaltine and the possibility, however minute, that JT91 may have never see A Christmas Story.

I have imaginarily broken up with people I don’t know over less.


For now, just leave me here with my chin in my hands, drinking a milkshake, watching this on repeat.

(Kudos to Lindsay for sending this video and generally being the bestever.)

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  1. ambitiouspants Reply

    Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah he is the most precious!! Watching him in interviews gives me SO MUCH second hand embarrassment, but that just makes me love him more and I don’t understand it. I feel like Freud would have something weird to say about this.

  2. jana Reply

    I’m going to have to insist on seeing a birth certificate. There’s no way he’s 23 (22 in the that video). There’s just not.

    He’s the definition of “old soul.”

    And I totally expect to him say, “Aww, shucks” in conversation without a hint of irony.


      Plus those eyes?? #deadonthecoldhardfloor

  3. Ashley Reply

    that was so adorable i can barely take it.

  4. Amy Reply

    Dear John: Please just read me the science book that you teach out of whether it’s lava flow, cloud formations or even single celled organisms. I just want to hear you speak.

  5. Dear lord, just the way Patrice says “Toblerone.” UGH.