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Battle of the Blog: Game Two

The Penguins had a game last night.  Sort of.

star trek

I won’t talk about what went wrong because:

  • a) I would be here all day. (The defense!)
  • b) Everyone has already said it. (The passing!)
  • c) I refuse to put more bad mojo into the universe about the Penguins right now. (The horror!)

sid1Get up.  Now.

I won’t talk about what went right for the Bruins either (everything, not that they need it) – that is Chuck’s fun to be had.

last night

My only highlight was Mr. Pants’ nomination for Husband of the Year.  If your significant other isn’t a big hockey fan, this is the most you can hope for in life:

  • He took me to the bar before the game.
  • He came home after the Bruins’ first goal and launched into an hour-long comedy routine, complete with “Yo Mama” jokes.  There was even an intermission dance routine reminiscent of Napoleon Dynamite.
  • When the game got out of reach in the 2nd, he sat down at the computer, put on his headphones and didn’t make a sound for two solid hours.

True love.


I will remain positive in this series.  It’s not easy, but someone has to do it.  We have faltered before, and battled back, and everyone remembers what happens when we don’t.  I trust in this team even when they don’t seem to trust themselves or each other.  I will channel my anger and frustration into the biggest effing rainbow you’ve ever seen if it’ll shine over the Pens practice and make something go right.



pens school

PS: Is there some atomic-level connection between the Blackhawks and the Penguins?  The Hawks kill it in R1, Pens struggle.  Pens are strong in R2, Hawks flail.  Now the Hawks are up 2-0 while the Pens are down by the same….

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  1. Mr. Pants, the best. Even my hubs took pity on me last night and left me alone after the game. Sadness.

    As for the Hawks/Pens vortex…PANTS YOU READ MY MIND! What the h*ll Blackhawks?! I’ve actually started carrying Tums with me at all times because I can’t handle this stress. The back and forth is too much.

    And I will do my best to join you on this rainbow creation mission. Positivity, here we come! ….right??

  2. As always, Pants you come through for the rest of us who about ready to put all of their Pens gear in a pile, pour gas on it and light it on fire. My husband knew there was something wrong in the universe when I came out of the ManCave and ripped off my Crosby jersey and ran into the bathroom crying…

  3. LB Reply

    I’m with you: going to channel all positive energy their way, even though they seem to have suddenly forgotten what it is they do for a living. I have faith that they can figure it out in time. Meanwhile, I’m trying to keep a zen front (I can’t be crying up in the workplace).

  4. Alex Reply

    My hope is basically gone. I swear on my grave that i will not watch the next game because i am convinced that since i watched the first two games, i am a curse and jinx. If the Pens win in game 3 without me watching, then so help me God, i am a curse to my favorite team :/

    • Pants Reply

      That right there, that’s worth it. That’s the captain I want on Wednesday.

  5. Wow, Mr. Pants is a quality man. Does he have brothers?

  6. Brian Falla Reply

    Hey, not to encourage the opposition here, but this is far from over. Think BU-Miami (OH) in the ’09 title game. Nothing is ever over until, well, it is….However, your boy Bylsma might want to reassess his roster moves and go with more skill (TK) and less brawn (JV/ love the Beanpot lads, but he’s not going to do much against the Bs). Also, some strong coffee and T-Anthony pizza has been known to revive the dead, of which the Pens have many. If all else fails, there’s always JW Black.

    • Pants Reply

      Brian! Your voice of reason is welcome here, I need someone to sound more sane about it than I do! I agree on TK, I’d really like to see him tomorrow night. He plays hard, if not always elegantly, and is one of the few Pens who doesn’t seem to go down the drain when Crosby gets cranky. (Sorry Sid.)

  7. Mr Pants is a winner for sure…the man can cook, supports his wife’s hockey addiction, and turns a deaf ear to endless discussion of ginger beards.

    Does he have a brother?

  8. Dave Reply

    Here’s what you have going for you: The Pens are arguably the most offensively talented team in the universe.

    Here’s what you don’t have going for you: The Bruins will almost surely not go into hibernation like they have so many times before (Carolina ’09, Washington ’12, Toronto ’13)