#TeamEbs For Life

If Taylor Hall wants people to be #TeamHall, he should really just be more awesome.  And wear this button down shirt.


Jordan’s face is the same one we make when we see Canucks jerseys:


Look how happy he makes this little girl!  She doesn’t even have teeth!

Someone should tell her this is it, as good as it gets.  She can pretty much give up now.  Unless RNH comes along – he’s her age, right?

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  1. I might have been sitting here for the last ten minutes screaming “Ebby’s faceeeeee!!!”

    I love Hallsy and Nuge but they could never compete with that face.

  2. Elle Reply

    Don’t worry, I don’t think anyone is more firmly on #TeamEbs than Taylor Hall. He’s the president and founder of the Jordan Eberle fanclub, after all.