Mikey Monday:Mountain Man

Do you ever get the feeling Mike Green doesn’t want us to like him?

g11.12 Post-practice video

Only kidding.  He shaved his neck beard to show he cares.  (Clearly he read our Puck Daddy playoff beard coverage.)


It wouldn’t work anyway.  If we liked this Mike Green:


And this Mike Green:


Then Cat Stevens here is just another phase.  Look at that smile!


I’m so glad to have him back right now I don’t care what he looks like. (Hahaha, RIGHT.)  Too bad for anyone who does – the Caps took roster photos Saturday so even if Mike goes back to this tomorrow:


You’ll be looking at the Grizzly Adams beard all season.  Sorry.

Far, far worse than the grooming situation – Mike missed two days of optional practice last week to have Lasik.  That means no more of the shriek heard ’round the Tumblr world over this:


Does this signal the end of Emo Green?  Or is a beard & shag the new glasses-and-a-VW Bus combination?


UGH.  I’m all for Mike not getting a puck to the head every other game, but let’s not pretend that was due to his eyesight.  In his first practice back, Mike crashed into Neuvy and went ass over tea kettle into the net (as documented on RussianMachineNeverBreaks.com).  Some things never change.

g5I have NO idea what you mean. – 1.13 Post-practice video

Side note: There’s almost real hockey to talk about.  I’m so relieved.

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  1. Farah Reply

    I personally think he’s better looking now. But I did grow up in the northwoods, so I guess I’m pre-disposed.

  2. The hand tattoos have me halfway there, but if he gets a neck tattoo (which realistically has to be next, right?), I am all in on Mike Green. I fully support this entire look.

    • Pants Reply

      Liz, you can have my spot. If he gets a neck tattoo I am leaving this church.

      • LOL I understand! Neck tattoos are like this weird “in theory” thing for me. I would never actually date someone that has one, but I don’t mind looking at it from afar!

  3. Sue Reply

    With the new look, Mike looks like he ALWAYS needs a good shower. Just don’t like it. Then there is the beard. I like a nice, maintained beard not one that looks like there may be some nits in it. Mike seems to always be into what he likes whether it be cars, his condo, his clothes, etc. Now it seems like he is trying hard to show that he really doesn’t care what he looks like, but he really does car.

  4. Beth Reply

    Maybe Mike is trying to fill the Yukon Cornelius void that Hartnell left when he shaved his beard?

  5. God, that photo with his Patrick Sharp hair? How could you (Mike) not look at that everyday as your inspiration? How could you think that this overly-tatted, beard/mountain man is better?? I miss 24/7 Mike.

    Also isn’t it kind of funny that he waited until the lockout was over to get lasic done? I mean…you had 8 months…

  6. Ashley Rake Reply

    that picture of him in the suit with the glasses slays me. to me that is mike in his finest form. not to say i wouldn’t take mike in any and all forms 🙂

  7. Speaking of roster photos… the Blackhawks have taken theirs. I haven’t browsed all of them (as you say, there is no time!), but quick summation:

    1) Jonathan Toews looks as if he said to himself “How can I look hotter than anyone has ever looked in the history of hotness?” and BAM.

    2) Patrick Kane looks as if he said to himself “Duuurrrrrr.” Let’s hope he gets a do-over. I know he has the stitches, but he could have at least gotten a hair cut. There was no one in the room with under-eye concealer handy? It’s a damn shame.