Hit Me Like A Mack Truck

…if a Mack truck wore a NY Rangers sweater.

Here I was, just minding my own, thinking I was doing all well with the return of hockey.  I was just going to ease right back into it and get my bearings…then BAM…Rick Nash.

from blueshirtsunited.com

from blueshirtsunited.com

Damn you, Rick Nash.  Damn you and your LLBean-boyfriend good looks and luscious, glorious, perfect hockey flow.

My head is spinning.

I need to sit down.

Nash - training camp flow 2

Now, I’ve gone from 1 to a 1000 and need the season to start NOW!

from blueshirtsunited.com

from blueshirtsunited.com

I need my tumblr feed to be filled with photos of this lumberjack.  I need youtube to full of clips of his highlight reel goals.

from blueshirtsunited.com

from blueshirtsunited.com

I respect the Rangers and the team that they’ve assembled and there is no doubt that they will again contend for the Stanley Cup.  They came *thisclose* last year and the addition of Nash with all his skill and dominating potential could prove the final piece of the puzzle.

For any of you who regularly read this blog or follow our twitter know how I feel about this player.  So God help you all if he breaks out in a big way this season.

WUYS will be Rick Nash Central.

from blueshirtsunited.com

from blueshirtsunited.com



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  1. LOL I’m so glad I sent this to you!

    You can be my spirit guide for my new-found crush on Mr. Nash. Though I warn you, if he cuts his hair, I might be out.

    • Me too. But now I spent the whole say trolling tumblr for more photos of him and his flow.

      You can’t back out if he cuts his hair. He’s just as dreamy with short hair. Your grandma will approve of him with the short hair.

      Please join me on this beautiful journey into the world of Rick Nash.

      • Haha The flow is important! Although if he keeps posing like he did in that last picture…

        Right now, Rick Nash is sitting in, like, 9th place on my Rangers Crush depth chart. I will keep you posted on his progress.

  2. Come to NYC for a game! I had a mini plan before the lockout (which now becomes a micro plan?) and I would be happy to bring you to a game. Not that I’m anywhere near the ice, but…

    I got his autograph at the Rangers dog walk this summer. Just as good up close & personal. 🙂

  3. Jesus NEVER has a foam roller been such a thing of beauty. I love his legs. Amongst other areas, obvi. 😉

    • My eyes keep going from his legs…to his hands (man, they are nice)…to his beard…to his flow…and then it starts all over again.

  4. Cassy Reply

    Judging from the comments, the Rick Nash Addiction Support Group will now be meeting at 5.30pm, Mondays, at the WUYS Offices.

    • Deb Reply

      Hi, I’m Deb and I’m addicted to lumberjacks.

  5. Deb Reply

    Aaaaaand dead.

    I will follow him anywhere- even if I have to bury my Flyers pride under a blue jersey.

    Can we have a WUYS road trip to NYC?

  6. Brittany Reply

    Chuck, we’ve long been kindred spirits on the Rick Nash topic. He’s no longer in Ohio, but he’ll always be in my heart…and darkest fantasies.

    Still can’t root for the Rangers, though.

    Side note: He’s nice. Like “stranger-who-helps-you-reach-things-on-the-top-shelf-at-the-grocery-store” nice. Then, you contemplate telling him how many light bulbs you need changed at home.