Bruins in the Beltway

This afternoon, the Boston Bruins were honored by President Obama at the White House for winning the 2011 Stanley Cup.

Wait...When did we trade Gregory Campbell?

The President spoke for a bit, chided the city of Boston for having too many championship teams, called out Brad Marchand (“Little Ball of Hate?  What’s up with that nickname?”), and posed with the team for the obligatory photo shoot. Watch the full video [here].

Notably absent from today’s festivities was goaltender Tim Thomas, one of only two Americans on the team.  Apparently, Timmeh is a stauch conservative and refused the invite from the Commander in Chief due to “political reasons.”

While Thomas is absolutely entitled to his beliefs and can choose do to what he wants (this is a free country, after all),  wouldn’t you want to go just to share the experience with your teammates…and steal pens and hand towels from White House?  

Eh, whatever. I’m over it.

As long as Timmy keeps making saves and playing like a boss, I don’t really care whether or not he likes the President.

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  1. While he was well within his right not to go, I firmly believe you should have. Even if he is a staunch conservative, you first and foremost respect the office, even if you don’t respect the man. At the very least, he should’ve gone to support his team!

  2. Davila Reply

    I think Tim Thomas was rude. We have a nitwit as Prime Minister in Canada, but I bet you dollars to donuts the guys would go. Why? It’s an honour and hockey needs all the positive PR it can get.

    Too bad Zedno Chara can’t give a lesson to Mr. Thomas on what life was like without a democracy. He must have family members with stories about life under Soviet rule.

  3. Deanna Reply

    I think it was rude and a bit childish that Thomas didn’t attend. Whether or not you agree with Obama’s politics or with the administration, he is the leader of this country and it’s an honor to be invited to the White House. When Obama spoke at U of M’s graduation a few years ago there were plenty of people on this campus who HATED him that still chose to attend because he is the President and they respected that.

  4. Ezra Reply

    Vince for President.

    • I volunteer to be your campaign manager. I’m very organized. And also hockey obsessed.