Our Kind of Christmas Elf

How was everyone’s Christmas?  We couldn’t post this last week or it would have spoiled the surprised that we bought Jonathan Toews a lifetime supply of those red shirts for Christmas. Now that presents are open and you’re either home with your crazy family or at work with nothing to do, enjoy Joey the Junior Reporter!

Joey asking his father Jonathan if he’s been “naughty or nice.”

Why do we look so much alike?

And telling Coach Q that “sometimes when you’re coaching I can read your lips.”

Your mustache is beautiful.

And Kaner, he loves to hug.

Bring it in.

Okay, I’ll stop. You can watch it for yourself.

Bonus: The Blackhawks topped the Blue Jackets 4-1 last night, and Foxy Friday Viktor Stalberg had two goals and was First Star.  We sure know how to pick ’em!  You can see a post-game interview here, and spendit wondering why boys always have the longest eyelashes.

Not fair.

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  1. gahhhh that video made my morning! “go easy on the eggnog, chicago”. wise words, joey jr., wise words.

  2. Lindsay and my exact conversation from last night:

    L: “His eyelashes are making me SO JEALOUS. Damn it Viktor!”

    Also – Jonathan Toews owns that shirt in black as well, which he wears to match his Nike boxer briefs as modelled casually in the “Make A Wish” segment of BHTV. Fitting, as I wish for him to be in his boxer briefs every day. Merry Christmas indeed.

    • You should send us the link to this video.

      • Ask and you shall receive: http://video.blackhawks.nhl.com/videocenter/console?catid=36&id=144007

        Right around the 3:42 mark… I mean, this is a lovely piece on the wonderful things the Blackhawks organization does for the community. (It actually is! I am for once being sincere!)

        The whole BHTV Christmas special was gold. There was also a bit on their strength and conditioning coach who has the*HARDESTJOB IN THE WHOLE WORLD* and on teenage Sharp looking so very Edward Cullen in his prom tux.

        • Again….BHTV and the entire Blackhawks clan seeking to kill all heterosexual women and gay men. And on that note, you can find me rewatching Tows in his boxers over and over again (and over and over…).

    • Saw that. I got jealous, and then I felt bad for getting jealous.
      But I don’t feel that bad.

  3. If I ever get a Blackhawks jersey, I’m putting “Joey Jr Reporter” on the back of it.

  4. Hey, Joey. You’re awesome. Can you be our mascot?

    Do we know how to pick Foxy Fridays or what? Sweet baby Jesus in heaven – those eyelashes. I would murder someone for those. But instead I make due with my $20 Shu Uemura eyelash curler ( best invention evah ) and Dior mascara.

    Toews’ bum is a Christmas miracle.