James Neal Cut His Hair

Is that a good enough reason to post?  Gator says she can’t learn more about hockey if that’s all I ever talk about.  So the Nealmobile is helping me out – while he did in fact cut his hair, he is also playing like a BEAST so I can demonstrate the importance of statistics.  He’s such a helpful guy. Post-game interview from last night’s loss in EDM: link

Game Notes for Nealer on my fantasy team:

RW James Neal, although he was unable to score, continued his terrific two-way play. Neal took a team-high 12 shots, four of them reaching the net. He hit the post twice, scored in the shootout and was generally a menace, using his strong skating to create a number of turnovers in Edmonton territory. 

– Yahoo! Sports

Nealer had the only Pens goal in the shootout, and has scored 4-of-5 shootout goals as a Penguin (including the one Chuck & I saw in Pittsburgh, christening the Nealmobile).  So while the Pens didn’t win last night, but A for effort.  And for helmet hair.

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  1. Seriously Pissed Reply

    Soooo glad the Pens acquired that guy. For many reasons.

  2. Deanna Reply

    Ohhhh. Me likey.