Does Winnipeg Really Exist?

To add to the recent debate over all things Canadian, I was watching The Soup (shout out to our Seattle native Joel McHale – our homey!) and the Kick Ass Clip of the Week was from – wait for it – CANADA! It led to a lively debate between Mr. Cherrie and I as to whether or not this was even real. I think if our political ads were like this, I would welcome them! Even if it’s not real, it’s fricken’ priceless and led to this other clip. Either way, it’s highly entertaining.

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  1. Are you insinuating that the man calling 911 and demanding the return of the Jets was imagining an entire city? It’s not like he was crazy or anything.

    Plus, Winnipeg is the home of Jonathan Toews (and you’ve reached the all-Toews comment channel today). And somewhere up there they named a lake after him. Yesterday I watched a Planet Earth marathon and I’m pretty sure they mentioned Winnipeg during a clip of baby polar bears sliding down a hillside. If this is not evidence, then I’m calling Mulder & Scully.